I want to put down on paper the gratitude feel towards Los Gatos Properties for the way you have all been easing me through the process of settling my mother’s estate.


I was so overwhelmed at the beginning. I honestly had doubt about being able to handle everything, particularly the cleaning out and repairing of her home so that it could go on the market. Calling Randal & Alex to talk about the property was a lifesaver for me.


Randal & Alex are the ultimate professionals. They knew just what we had to do, knew the best people to hire at the best prices and personally checked on the work daily. They called regularly to give me progress reports and keep me in the loop. I am sure there are very few, if any, brokers who provide this level of service. They also managed to bring the project in under our estimated budged. The property sold, quickly, and in a little above asking price. My brothers and sisters were as truly amazed and pleased as I am.