I cannot say enough good things about Randal Nelson and all the people who work with him! Randal & Alex were the only realtors who we interviewed that actually seemed to truly care about giving us the best advice for our situation and respected us through an emotionally difficult sale. Randal & Alex’s negotiation skills are truly uncommon and brilliant. Their knowledge of the real estate market, finances, taxes, liability laws, construction and estate issues is phenomenal and their professionalism and integrity have allowed them to develop strong relationships with a wide range of contractors, financial advisors, attorneys and other professionals to support them through the selling process. Randal & Alex demonstrated time and time again their commitment to excellence and dedication to ensuring us the best possible outcome for our property sale while showing their high moral character in respecting the buyers, their contractors, and other associates as well. Most importantly, Randal & Alex are just wonderful people who are genuinely fun to be around and who go above and beyond in everything they do, and we have come to care for them immensely and consider them dear friends for the rest of our lives.